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Rather than being a luxury product, our product for the day today is a necessary product for most of the countries in the world. There are mainly two reasons why this product has become a necessity first it will cool your room, giving you a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere and second it produced fresh air. By this time, I am pretty sure you very well know what we are talking about. Yes, it is an air conditioner, and today we will be discussing how you shall get your air conditioner and what the points to be considered are. Buying an air conditioner is a year’s long story as it will be profitable for you if only this serves you for a minimum of ten years. So let’s see the points to be considered.

Types of Air Conditioner-

The first and foremost thing you should know is the type of Air conditioners available in the market. So there are mainly three types of Air conditioners available in the market, and they are:-

 Window AC-

  • This AC type is a type that is mounted on a window or wall and is square.
  • Best if you want only one room to be cooled.
  • Very easy and flexible to install. 

Split AC-

  • This is comfortable and portable for both indoors and outdoors.
  • This is perfect if you want to use it to cool larger and big rooms.
  • Although the installation cost is high, this generally serves better.

Portable AC-

  • Very lightweight and mobile.
  • This is best for the small and less spacious area.
  • This has a unique vent for the exhausted host and is specially crafted.

Choose the best type of air conditioner for you-

All three types of air conditioners have three types of serving, and here we are stating all the types and features that they have so that you can choose the best one as per your need and requirement.

  • Window AC- Low cost and also energy efficiency.
  • Split AC- Cooling capacity for big rooms.
  • Portable AC: Cools multiple rooms but also has one unit.

Determining cooling capacity-

This is important and determines a factor when you buy an Air Conditioner. This factor will determine what type of item you shall purchase. For this, you should measure and calculate your room’s length and breadth and then take the decision.

  • Room Size:

 The capacity of your AC to cool your room depends on the type and size of Ac that you are purchasing. For example, you can quickly grab a ton of AC for your 150sq.ft room, which can manage the heat pretty well.

  • Noise Level: 

If you are a silent sleeper or has a baby in the house, please check the AC’s noise level. Here the best buy for you has to a split air conditioner as a maximum number of times they are soundless.

  • Your city temperature:

 If you belong to a place with really high temperatures and harsh heated weather, go for a 1.5ton to 2ton air conditioner even if you have a small room. For this, you need to check and follow up on your daily city temperatures.

  • Several people in the room: 

This is another important factor one must consider because this will add the heat load in your room and thus if there are too many people in the room, the heat will be more and thus require a high ton air conditioner.

Coils in your air conditioner –

This is the most critical factor for any air conditioner as they determine the quality and efficiency of any air conditioner. There are mainly two types of coils for air conditioners: aluminum and copper coil. Let’s see which the best is and what the difference between the two is.

Copper Coil-

  • Heat transfer: Has got a high capability to transfer the heat.
  • Corrosion: Yes, this can erode.
  • Cost- Higher.
  • Durability- Durable and lasts long.
  • Pliability-Poor.
  • Maintenance- Easy maintenance.

Aluminum Coil-

  • Heat transfer– Low heat transfer.
  • Corrosion– Yes, this can erode.
  • Cost-Cheaper.
  • Durability– Less durable.
  • Pliability- Fairly pliability.
  • Maintenance– Difficult.

Power consumption in your air conditioner (BEE rating)-

This is an important aspect when you are buying an air conditioner. The BEE rating, which at present is ISEER, is issued as per the Air conditioner’s 

the energy efficiency ratio, which is rated in British thermal unit, keeping in mind the ton and capacity.

Features in your air conditioner-

  • Wi-Fi compatibility: When you are buying an air conditioner in this latest period, this feature must get wireless access to your air conditioner.
  • Auto-cleaning- Your air conditioner must have an auto cleaning feature that allows it to clean itself by moving the brush inside it.
  • Active sensor- Here, your air conditioner will sense the number of people in the room and increase and decrease itself, accordingly reducing consumption.
  • Voice recognition- Controls all feature of your air conditioner with your voice,
  • Application controlled- you can manage your air conditioner with your mobile or other devices.

Ensure high cooling-

  • Turn off all the other electronic applications to reduce the room heat.
  • Keep cleaning your air conditioner vents to ensure excellent air passage.
  • Keep all doors, windows vents, etc., shut and sealed to avoid any hot air passage.
  • Block away any sunlight that is directly hitting the heat in your room.
  • Try and use the eco mode, which helps in limited consumption of power and keeps your room cool.

After-sale services-

Once you know what air conditioner you will purchase and have finally done so, please check that an excellent after-sale facility is provided with it. It is better to go for an additional warranty period so that any problem after buying it will save you an extra penny. Please keep your air conditioner clean and do a surviving quarterly process to keep your air conditioner in a good position for years.


Thus these are all the factors that one must consider when buying an air conditioner, and these are the things they should keep in mind. We have created this buying guide for all our viewers, hoping that they benefit from it. If you have any questions, you can comment down, and we will surely help you out. We hope you get the best air conditioner which suits all your needs and you have a relaxed and happy day.

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