Types of Conditioners And their best uses

Types of Conditioners And their best uses.

As we bid to the winters and enter into the summer season, the hot discussion will be about types of conditioners for a few days. And here we are also back with another article to review and let you know what you must look for in this season in various types of conditioners. This article will help you purchase your things wisely and sharply. This will also help you understand that you can replace your product this season, and we guarantee you that after this article, you will understand how the system even works in types of conditioners.

Types of conditioners

We understand that choosing a perfect one for you is different when there are so many items in the market, and each one is providing the best. Also now a day’s brands do give extra features with several products to make it look attractive. But we do need to keep in mind that any features will not make the product more effective. Here we are talking about types of conditioners and their features to make it easy for you to choose the product and the types that best fit you and your requirements. We assure you a smart buy from two ends from your pockets and the side of your products. So as we have already spoken about the content of this article, let’s not waste much time and get into different types of conditioners.

Central Air Conditioners

One of the most common and best types of conditioners that are most commonly used air conditioning system in many countries and official places, including the United States. The main activity of these types of conditioners is to take the cool air and circulate it through the supply ducts and return registers. As the system does so, the cool air is spread across the rooms or area where the flexible ducts fit. This type of conditioner is mainly used in the official area, and recently it has been used in flats and campuses.

There are mainly three types of central air conditioners they are:-

  • Openings in Walls
  • Openings in Floors
  • Grills in the ceilings

In this type of air conditioner, the cool air travels all the way, and then whiles it is traveling the way, the air gets warmer. After that, the air has to circulate back to the return ducts and the registers from where it again begins its journey. These types of conditioners do have a little extra cost as one needs to invest in a dehumidifier. This is because the central air conditioner type conditioners are that it will dehumidify the incoming air. Still, the result of it is an extreme level of humidity. Thus, one has to buy the dehumidifier so that the moisture collected in the air is lower. There are also two major divisions in these types of conditioners, and we will further discuss them.

ü The split-system- This type of central air conditioner has two different separate cabinets. One of the cabinets for these types of conditioners is located outside the metal cabinet, thus protecting the condenser and the compressor. The next or the second is located inside the house and has got hold of the evaporator. The main job of this indoor cabinet is to furnace, or it is the part of the heat pump. This has an evaporation coil fixed to the central supply duct, which is a part of the heat pump, or you can also say it is the part of the furnace. This type of conditioner is the most affordable and cheap form. If someone has a furnace, but there is no air conditioner, they can also avail it. This is best if you are looking for a pocket-friendly product. Also, types of conditioners are straightforward to install and have no problems in their workings.

ü Packaged Central Air conditioner: Yes, the name says it all, and we do know what this particular product will give us. All the part of the air conditioner is compacted and packed at one place only. All three, the compressor, condenser, and evaporator as well are designed and placed in the same place. The placement of conditioners is something you can think about because this needs a flat place to set. You can place the device either on the rooftop or on the house’s foundation. Also, this product has electric heating coils in it already fixed from before, or natural gas furnace can also be found. If the natural gas furnace is present already, a separate furnace is not required.

Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner

If you are looking for a product that does not require ductless, then this is your system. Also, this is a perfect fit for your home and office. This system is notable because, in these conditioners, the duct does not require air traveling, just like the other systems. This does not require this duct because the cooling in this is being controlled by the heat pump, which connects the home units. The temperature of your area can be controlled as per your wish also. The air handler in each area that is fixed helps in controlling the temperature. This will help you to use your system in a more personalized form. These types of conditioners are best for homes or private spaces where you wish to have your time.

Heat Pumps

These are the last types of conditioners that we have on our list. This is a split system which has got both the functions of heating as well as cooling. It is a two-in-one conditioner. So in the summer season, one can use it for cooling purposes and in the winter for heating purposes. Also, for this feature, these types of conditioners do have two different types, and they are:-

  • Air Source Heat Pumps: The main job of the air source heat pumps is to extract all the heat from the outdoor or release the warm heat from your area to the outdoor. The main objective here is to attain the heat and extraordinary goal, whatever the weather is.
  • Geothermal heat pumps: As the name states, geothermal, that defiantly means this is related to something on the ground. Also known as ground-source, its main job is to pull the heat from the ground or extract the heat from your room to keep your room cool.
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