Split ac vs Window ac, which you use? This is a confusing but very important question that many buyers think of, before their AC purchase. This article is about the two types of AC’s features. Let’s have a look at the comparison of Window Air Conditioner and Split Air Conditioner. We will also give a look over the Differences between Window AC and Split AC.

Definition of Air Conditioners, Split AC vs Window AC:

Window AC

Window AC is a kind of single unit Air Conditioner designed for a small place. The AC is wall-mounted and it requires a window space for working. They are quite pocket-friendly for domestic uses and its maintenance cost is also much low. One face of the unit is installed inside the room and the other face is installed outside the window.

Split AC

Split AC is a kind of double unit Air Conditioner. It is mounted on the wall too and is used for large place and huge rooms or halls as its cooling capacity is quite high. They do not require any windows for installing and comes with a condenser unit and a compressor unit. The compressor is placed outdoor and the evaporator is placed indoor which can cool the room.

Split ac vs Window ac

Comparison between Split ac and Window ac

We can compare Window Air Conditioner and Split Air conditioner gradually.


Firstly we have to compare window AC and Split AC by their design.

  • Window AC: Window Air Conditioner is mechanically designed for small areas. It is basically constrained to one color,  generally white.
  • Split AC: Split Air Conditioner is mechanically designed for big places and comes in many colors and patterns. It can change the look of using place and the whole circumstance.

Cooling Power

As if all the Air Conditioners are made for a particular area of space so we can’t compare Window AC and Split AC by their power but we can compare them by their using places. 

  • Window AC: Window ACs are basically designed for a small and medium place so it is suitable for small rooms and it can cool the space perfectly.
  • Split AC: Split AC is truly designed for larger space and hall rooms so it is perfect for cooling a huge place. 


There is a huge price difference between Window AC and Split AC. We can compare Window AC and Split AC by there installation price.  A split AC will cost almost double than a window AC. 

  • Window AC: A Window Air Conditioner of 1.5-ton costs For 18000–29000INR which is much affordable for home.
  • Split AC: A 1–1.5 ton split AC will cost around 20000–25700INR which is somehow a bit non-affordable for family circumstances. If it is being bought for business purposes or a bigger space like hall, office, etc, we should buy a split AC.

Power Consumption

The power consumption of Air Conditioner depends on the start rating. More high the star rating, the more efficient your AC is.  A5 start AC can consume most less energy, almost 10% less energy consuming than that of a 4 star Air Conditioner. The ACS makes a 10% difference in energy consumption with an increase in every one star. 

  • Window AC: If the Air Conditioner is buying for a small room, single chamber and normal usage, an Window AC of 3 stars and 1.5 ton should be the ideal choice of AC. 
  • Split AC: When someone is thinking about buying an Air Conditioner for a big space, entire office and industrial use which has to work for 15hours a day or more, we should buy a 5 star split AC. It can save more power and used to save more costs.


  • Window AC: We can say that window AC makes a lot of noise because it works against its helping windows. So it is a little troublesome for noise.
  • Split AC: When we use a split AC, it produces a little or no noise at all. Therefore, for office space, this noiselessness is very much effective.  Even it can be used for modern home decoration. We can say that split AC is the perfect choice for the noiseless vibe.


We can compare window AC and Split AC by their maintenance system.

  • Window AC: It is a typically low maintenance electronic machinery which is basically very much simple in terms of its service as all of its components, as well as tools, are compactly designed for usefulness.
  • Split AC: It requires several servicing and maintaining after a proper time interval with the help of some professional AC experts. Also, when it becomes any kind of troubleshooting, split AC is very critical to clarify it than a window AC.

Split ac vs Window ac and its difference

There are some differences between Window AC and Split AC.

  • Window AC has a single unit, only the indoor unit. Split AC has two units such as indoor unit and outdoor unit. Unit numbers make different between Window Ac and Split AC.
  • Installation of Window AC is much easy though the installation of Split AC is a little bit difficult.
  • Window AC has limited features though Split AC can give more options.
  • There is a difference between Window AC and Split AC in their capacity. 
  • There is a difference between Window AC and Split AC in their number of internal fans.


  1. Which kind of AC used in malls?

Ans: Central AC is usually used in shopping malls because it is a huge place where Window AC doesn’t work.

  1. Which kind of AC we should buy?

Ans: Well, both the ACs are efficient of their work when it is given to best though there are some differences between Window Ac and Split ACz cost budget plays an important role to choose the right air conditioner here. If the budget is low, then head for a window AC. If one wants an AC which will match the modern set up of your room or big place, then split AC should be the right choice.

  1. What are the types of AC?

Ans: There are six types of air conditioners such as Central AC, Window AC, Ductless AC, Portable AC, Geothermal AC, and Hybrid AC.

  1. Which mode of Air Conditioner consumes less current?

Ans: When the AC is on fan mode, the AC consumes less power. 

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