An ideal temperature for ac at which it can perform well. We discuss these features now. Air Conditioners were once considered as a sign of luxury and wealth. But nowadays it has become one of our comfort materials. Technology makes it affordable to everyone, now we can save our electricity and energy costs by going through some important paths like detecting an ideal temperature for AC. Though cooling consumes a lot of energy, still we can make the consumption low. Let’s see the methods of minimizing AC electricity consumption.


We can set a perfect temperature for our AC for which the AC current consumption becomes low. But, The function is changed in a different brand of AC.

  1. Generally, we can set the AC temperature at 28 degrees.
  2. The level of temperature 26-28 can minimize AC electricity consumption.
  3. We should not make the AC run in 30 degrees or above. This is a higher temperature that gets a lot of energy. Also, the compressor can fail due to a high load on it.
  4. If the difference between the room temperature and the given AC temperature, that is harmful to the compressor. It takes a lot of energy to work but can’t make it. The compressor can trip off and the whole current usage is in vain. Only the fan runs in this situation.
  5. After making a comfortable temperature in the room we can stop the AC. This will make the electricity bill low.
  6. When the outside temperature is our required temperature, then the AC current consumption becomes low as the compressor does not need to work. So we can say if the outside temperature is comfortable for us, that is the ideal temperature for the AC.


The fan speed settings are very much required with the ideal temperature for AC. AC electricity consumption also depends on the fan speed.

  1. If we can set the fan speed at level 3, it is the most power-saving mode of AC.
  2. If the cooling is not comfortable, we can get the fan speed at a high level for a while. After comfortable cooling, we should make it level 2 or 3 which can minimize the power consumption of AC.
  3. If the set temperature is the ideal temperature for AC, then only the fan consumes energy which is a bit low.
Ideal Temperature For AC

Proper maintenance of Air Conditioner:

A properly maintained AC is always a power-saving AC. maintenance is as important as the ideal temperature of AC. Regular AC maintenance can conserve energy. Properly maintained AC can give maximum efficiency and saves money on the electric bill. 

  1. Regular maintenance reduces the possibility of huge and unexpected faults. A faulty AC can consume a lot of current. So maintained AC is more energy saver.
  2. It is very difficult for an AC to work with dirty and clogged parts. It consumes more and more current for smooth working. Maintenance reduces the chance of clogged duct and dirty filter. So AC maintenance and cleaning is important.
  3. Replacement of coolant is also a part of maintenance that can tune up the AC. the working seals of inner-equipment can work smoothly. So the AC electric consumption becomes low.
  4. Cleaning of fans and fins can reduce the AC current consumption as they can work smoothly with a little power.
  5. Maintenance makes the system perfect and it can work in an ideal temperature for AC with minimum energy consumption.


A room is also very important for setting an AC. we have to make a proper measurement for installing a right AC and save the power.

  1. The size of the AC unit suitable for a room should be measured before buying any unit. Air conditioners are carefully sized per measurement of the room. 
  2. A big unit is taken for a small room or a small unit is taken for a big room- both are in vain.
  3. Big AC consumes a lot of energy. If the room is small then the total money is wastage.
  4. A small AC for a big room cannot work properly. It makes a huge load on the system and there is a chance of mechanical breakdown.
  5. While using the AC, the windows should be closed. A lot of hot air and heat can enter the room via these windows which can hamper the work of AC and can give high stress on the unit.
  6. If the AC is not working, still a closed window in a hot time of the day can increase the efficiency of an Air Conditioner.
  7. We should try to make no air path in any AC containing room. We have to check several times about any air leakage in the room. This type of leakage can hamper the AC efficiency. If the room is not becoming cool, we should check it first. It helps to make an ideal temperature for AC and minimize the AC current consumption.


Servicing once in a year is enough for an AC to stay energy efficient. An AC servicing contains checking the motor, blower, drain line, coils, operating pressures, system temperatures, supply lines, refrigerant, and connections. If all the system becomes fine, the AC electricity consumption becomes low.

Here we are aware of all the details to make an ideal temperature for an AC and the processes to minimize the current consumption. Now we will make a list of perfect and suitable patterns to use efficient and power-saving AC.


  1. Set the AC at a temperature of 27 or 28 degrees.
  2. Set the fan speed in 3.
  3. After 5 or 10 minutes, turn the temperature close to the ideal temperature of AC.
  4. If again the temperature becomes uncomfortable, follow the first three steps for the second time.


  1. Set the AC in the ideal temperature of AC[as same as outside]
  2. Set the fan speed in 2 or 3
  3. No need to change the fan speed or temperature.
  4. Can stop the AC if not needed.


  1. Try not to set the temperature above 29 degrees.
  2. Fan speed should be 2 or 3
  3. As 26-29 degrees are the ideal temperature for AC in any place, make sure that the temperature doesn’t exit the level. 


  1. Firstly one should buy a perfect AC with Ocean black protection condenser which is specially made for the sea-coastal area. 
  2. In this case there are steps as same as the no hot-no cold area.
  3. We should maintain the ideal temperature for AC and it could make lower AC current consumption.


  1. How much electricity can AC consume per hour?

Ans: 0.8 Ton AC can consume 0.8 kW per hour which is approx. 0.8 unit. A 1.0 Ton AC can consume 1.09 kW per hour which is approx 1.0 unit. A 1.5 Ton AC can consume 1.56 kW per hour which is approx 1.6 units. A 2.0 Ton AC can consume 1.93 kW per hour which is approx 1.9 units. [Applicable for Split AC]

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