An air conditioner is very important nowadays. Technology makes it affordable for us. But maybe we have very little idea about AC maintenance. There are two types of ACs we use in our daily life, such as Window AC and Split AC. So we have to maintain them in different ways. Maintenance should be of two types, Window AC maintenance and Split AC maintenance.


This is a discussion about the importance of maintenance.

  • AC Maintenance can protect the important equipment so that the AC can last long. If we keep it in top maintenance, the life of the whole machine expands more.
  • Regular maintenance reduces the possibility of huge and unexpected faults. So costly repairs are not needed.
  • It reduces the chance of clogged duct and dirty filter. So AC maintenance and cleaning is important. Cleaning is an important part of Split AC Maintenance because it has an outer unit.
  • Regular AC maintenance can conserve energy. Proper maintained AC can give maximum efficiency and saves money on the electric bill. 
  • Replacement of coolant is also a part of maintenance that can tune up the AC. The working seals of inner-equipment can work smoothly.
  • Maintenance can make an AC perfect, and it can able to produce quality air.
  • Cleaning of the dirt can prevent any kind of allergic diseases.
  • AC Maintenance can reduce mechanical breakdown.


Most of the AC we use in our daily life has two basic parts. The outdoor unit is a condenser and indoor unit which is called an evaporator. Split AC maintenance is of this kind of AC maintenance. There are some processes of doing proper AC maintenance.

AC maintenance
  • Cleaning:

The fins of the AC unit can be cleaned with a soft cloth or brush which easily can be bent. Some machines have a lead with screws. We have to unscrew that and clean it. But one should be very careful about cleaning and should not make any bump in fins.

  • Fixing a sinking AC pad:

There are some concrete pads under home ACs. Heat emitter units are settled over it. If the sunk pads create a stain on the metal coolant tubes and the total electric system, we should take action. We should observe this and can save our AC. If any kind of problem occurs, we have to take action.

  • Getting Programmable Thermostat:

Any kind of AC needs a programmable thermostat. It is used to set a particular temperature for a long time like a whole day. So automatically the needed temperature is given by the AC machine. It can save energy and also make the machine safe.

  • Adding an inline booster:

If an air conditioner does not work properly, or can’t give the coldness we need, then we should have an inline duct booster. It can increase the flow of cool air in the room. The booster fans are of two types. They fit inside the system or duct of the room. These are available in any nearest outlet. One should be known properly about this product before using it.

  • Fixing fans:

If the fans of the AC unit become dirty, we should clean it gradually with a soft brush. If the sides of the fan become bent or fins become crushed, then we should fix it with a gentle pressure of any blunt but thin material. But we have to be aware of safety. 

  • Unclogging condensate drain tube:

Water puddling around the system can be highly dangerous for the AC unit. If it has happened, then it is due to a clogged condensate drain tube. The condenser coils contain some bacteria, and they can make a clog in the drain pipe. We should have to take action to save our machine. 

  • Getting the warm-season checklist:

Sometimes the AC can’t give the needed coldness. When the outside is hot, but AC is not working properly, then we should have a warm-season checkout from the checklist to access a good HVAC system. If it does not become useful, then we have to repair the Air conditioner.

  • Filter replacement:

It is really important to change the AC filter after a certain time. The filter should be pulled out and be checked. If the dirt level s very high, then it should be changed.

  • Checking the installation:

If there is any troubleshoot and a dispute is measured in the whole system, then the installation should be checked. If needed, any unit can be changed for safety. It is required for Split AC maintenance due to its outer unit.

  •  Heat controlling through a window:

While using the AC, the windows should be closed. A lot of hot air and heat can enter the room via these windows, which can hamper the works of AC and can give high stress on the unit. If the AC is not working, still a closed window in a hot time can increase the efficiency of an Air Conditioner.

  •  Fin combing:

Dirty fins can give any allergic diseases. So it should be cleaned for our safety. A fin comb is very useful to make that. Aware of getting cut in hands as the fins are very thin.

  •  Getting a deep clean brush:

Small air conditioners using for a small room also need cleaning. One can use a deep clean brush to make it. Also aware of dirt and don’t get cut in hands.

  •  Finding air leaks in-room system:

We try to make no air path in any AC containing room. But we have to check several times about any air leakage in the room. This type of leakage can hamper AC efficiency. If the room is not becoming cool, we should check it first.

This is all about the maintenance of Air conditioner. Now we can have a good journey with our systems. But also we have to think about two topics.

  • A noisy air conditioner should be quit: An air conditioner should be noiseless or with a negotiable sound. But if the compressor is giving the worst noise, we should quit it if a new AC is behaving like this then we should contact the manufacturer. A “compressor sound blanket” can stop this for some time, and its installation is very easy. But one should not use this blanket on any old unit, and it doesn’t work.
  • Choose the right size AC unit for a room: The size of the AC unit suitable for a room should be measured before buying any unit. Air conditioners are carefully sized per measurement of the room. A proper measurement can make a room perfectly cool. A big unit is taken for a small room, or a small unit is taken for a big room- both are in vain.


  1. Which parts of the system are included in AC maintenance?

Ans: An AC maintenance contains checking the motor, blower, drain line, coils, operating pressures, system temperatures, supply lines, refrigerant, and connections.

2. How often should an AC servicing do?

Ans: Servicing once a year is enough for an AC unit.

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